The Beekeeping For Beginners Guide

One of the more enjoyable hobbies that a person can do quite easily is gardening. Gardening is a wonderful hobby because it allows you to become involved with nature. This hobby allows you to work outdoors and you will be constantly amazed at how much you can learn about vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and trees. A hobby, such as gardening, can provide you with solitude and relaxation where you will forget about the many troubles that all of us have on a daily basis.

For people who love to garden there is another hobby that goes hand-in-hand with gardening. The hobby is called beekeeping and if you are a gardener you can also become a beekeeper. To keep bees on your property requires about the same amount of effort and time that it would be to maintain and harvest a vegetable garden. One of the added bonuses to becoming a beekeeper is that it will actually help improve your vegetable and flower garden.

Bees are responsible for keeping flowers, vegetables, and other plants in a thriving and healthy condition. As an added bonus, you will be able to enjoy delicious tasting honey from your own hives. You will also be able to improve the environment because bees are crucial to pollinating plants throughout the world. Unfortunately, due to mankind’s greed and disinterest in caring for our beautiful planet we see that the bee population is being threatened.

Before you begin your new hobby is a beekeeper you should ask yourself a few questions. The type of questions that you need to ask yourself are very similar for other activities and hobbies such as caring for cats, dogs, chickens, or any other animal. You will also want to consider where you are going to keep your bees. Most beekeeping for beginners books suggest that the backyard is a good place to keep the hives. This is a good place to start but you have to consider things such as zoning, neighbors, and even your own family. Therefore, check out all of these areas to see whether there is a concern or not.

For example, is your backyard big enough to hold one or two beehives? A property that has an area of ½ acre can accommodate at least one hive and maybe two. A lot will depend on other space considerations such as the family pet, vegetable or flower gardens, patio decks, recreational areas, and so forth. The city where you live may also have some restrictions or zoning regulations when it comes to permitting bees. This will be the first place you should check so that you do not violate any local city bylaw or ordinance.

Make sure that you talk to your neighbors and explain exactly what you propose to do. There are many people who are allergic to bee stings, including your own children, and therefore you need to find out these facts before you import a colony of bees that can cause serious health issues. It would not be very enjoyable if you found out afterwards that one of your kids was allergic and you had to spend a considerable amount of time and money at your local hospital. These are just a few of the beekeeping for beginners steps that you will need to consider and do before becoming a beekeeper.