Effective Bee Extermination

All You Need To Know About The Different Methods Used For Effective Bee Extermination

When individuals consider the terms ‘pests’ or ‘bugs’ the image of flies and rodents will often enter the mind, rarely bees. The fact is, a bee can be deemed a pest or bug when viewed in a specific context. A bee is not a pest if they are residing on a bee farm or found in an open environment; however, when a bee and the hive is found in a residence and is an unwanted entity then they will be considered a pest. In this instance, it is highly recommended that one avoids removing the bee independently and utilize the services of a professional bee exterminator. Not only will the professional exterminator have knowledge of how to remove the bee, they will also be able to provide the correct skills to ensure the removal is safe and secure. This article will discuss the various methods the professional teams use for effective bee extermination.

1. Insecticides

A bee colony can be compared to a type of castle forming the base of an empire. Once the colony has built a hive and established a comb, they will identify as worker bees protecting a queen bee by all means and this can lead to violence if the workers feel the queen is under threat. To eliminate the bees and ensure no injury is possible, the use of insecticides is available.

The insecticide is one of the more deadly techniques as it kills the bees (workers and queen) from the inside of the hive. The technique involves a complicated application where the bee exterminator will drill a hole in the wall of the honey comb and inject the chemicals through the entrance (the hole). The insecticide will fill the cavity and kill the bees as they are exposed to its poisonous components. Despite this being a highly effective means of bee removal, it can be a very messy one with negative after effects. The vast amount of dead bees presents with many dead bee corpses and this can result in a poor odor; therefore, the professionals should be enlisted to remove the hive and complete a deep clean. Be sure to check the company is able to offer this service or refer a team to conduct the clean before making any contractual agreement.

2. Poisonous Spray

Another method for bee extermination is the use of poison spray. While this technique is applied primarily to rural areas and open spaces in urban neighborhoods, it can be utilized as a means of removing and preventing bees from colonizing a property. Similar to insecticides, the poison spray is able to kill this type of pest but only if the infection is small and there is no large comb present. The spray is most commonly used as a prevention technique and by spraying areas weekly the chance of further infection is greatly reduced. Rural areas in the United States will often apply poisonous spray via a crop duster to eliminate the chance of any types of pest attacking their farmlands.