Bee Removal Near Me – Miami

If you have a bee problem, don’t try to deal with it yourself. Bee removal can be extremely dangerous and difficult, especially when there are Africanized or hybrid bees. The most effective solution is to contact a bee removal service near you with the required expertise and training to safely accomplish the task of removing the entire hive correctly and preventing re-infestation. Trying to drive the bees out of the hive with a water hose is looking for trouble as you may unleash a flurry of bees into the air without having any clue as to how big the swarm will be. If you are allergic and you don’t know it, it may be fatal, and even if you are not, bee stings are very painful and can cause physical trauma.

Bee Removal Near Me

If you live in the Miami area you can contact our professional bee removal experts who are experienced in removing bees from chimneys, roofs, walls, and trees and relocating them to a safe environment. We perform live bee hive removal on a daily basis in the Miami area. The task requires specialists with the right equipment, training, and a special talent to completely and permanently get rid of bees on your personal or commercial property.

A swarm can be as big as 4,000 to 6,000 bees and even a small amount of activity may be an indication that there is a hive in or near the structure. When bees have moved into the physical structure of your home or commercial building, the task of reaching the hive may require building material to be removed or walls to be opened up. Our bee removal team is thoroughly familiar with the process of accessing and removing the entire hive and ensuring that the vacated area is treated to discourage the bees from returning, or a fresh hive from forming.

How Do I Find Bee Removal Near Me?

Call us as soon as you detect hive activity near the structure of your home or building and speak to the experts who will arrange to come and inspect the property in order to assess the extent of the problem. Live removal of a beehive is complex and requires specific equipment to safely remove the entire hive and transport it to another place.

The Bee Removal Process

If the hive is in the structure of the building the most essential thing is to remove the honeycomb intact to prevent recurring problems. The honeycomb is kept cool during the day by worker bees who use their wings to fan the honeycomb. If the bees are killed and the hive is not properly removed, the honey melts and leaks into the structure, causing damage and noticeable stains. The remains of the old hive and the leaked honey often attracts rodents, insects, and moths. The smell of leaked honey may also attract new bee colonies that will move into the same place or other areas of the building. That is why the most effective solution is to remove the honeycomb intact and keep the bees alive.

We are the leading experts in the Miami area with the right training and expertise to offer you the best solution for the effective removal of bees and to eliminate the risk of re-infestation. Call us today for the best solution to your bee problem.